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Using Reclaimed Wood for Furniture

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Reclaimed wood is precisely what it sounds like it is. Once used to build a bridge or a barn, the wood is re-purposed when the structure is torn down. It is often used to make furniture. It is sort of like the “found art” of the home furnishing world. There are a number of benefits to the trend, for both the environment and the consumer. 

Using reclaimed wood to make furniture is not only great for the earth, it is also very chic. Folks are more concerned with their impact on the environment these days and sustainable anything has become very trendy. Using reclaimed wood is a means of recycling materials that would otherwise go to waste. According to a popular website, using reclaimed wood in the interiors of homes saves up to 87% of the carbon cost of using new or “virgin” timber products. This statistic, while significant, is pretty simple. Reclaiming wood decreases rampant deforestation which benefits both animals and humans alike. More trees mean a greener environment. 

There is also an aesthetic value in this form of recycling. Reclaimed wood furniture lends itself to a rustic, mature, and endured sense of style. Even when finished, the pieces come with nicks and imperfections which them a unique character. No two pieces can really be made to look exactly the same. Try getting that at Wal-Mart. The furniture is built to last, unlike the cheap particle-board or plastic products available at big box stores. 

Because reclaimed wooden furniture is sturdy and imperfect, it is also more functional. It is the type of furniture that can take some use. It already comes with a worn look. Extra scratches and other marks to the surface are only going to deepen that unique sense of character. Like scars on a body, each one is made alongside an interesting story, a moment in a life. We are living in a time when people want their possessions to have a sense of individuality and pride. The reclaimed wooden furniture trend meets this demand and also makes for a cleaner, more pristine world for all of us. 

At our furniture store in Culver City, CA, many of our furniture items are made with reclaimed wood and we have been custom building in reclaimed wood from right here in Los Angeles for many years.


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