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Caring For Your Leather Products

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Tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis. A hail storm in July. A forest fire. A tree falls on your car. The platypus. – No one ever said that Mother Nature was perfect. On the contrary, she has been known for wreaking havoc. So why do we expect products that originate from natural sources to be perfectly made? And who needs perfection anyway? 

For example, we know that leather is a product of the cow, as natural an animal as any other. Yet, we might expect our leather couch to be smooth, clean, and free of any blemishes. The first two are a given, but the third – in a word, isn’t. True, natural leather is going to have some markings and characteristics, regardless of how carefully it has been cured. It is simply unavoidable.

Some things you may come across: 

Graining:  Looks like human fingerprints, and like fingerprints are very unique and will vary from cow to cow. 

Branding marks:  Brand marks are not just a thing of cowboys; the technique is still used for identification purposes. Although, it is unlikely that you will find these marks on a finished leather good. 

Stretch marks and healed scars:  Stretch marks occur during the birthing process, on human and cow alike, as do scars. Both are permanent and perfectly natural. 

Neck wrinkles:  Very fine lines caused by the loose skin around the neck of the cow, needed for grazing. 

Backbone markings:  Furrows which appear on the back of the cowhide. 

Urine burns:  Urine is an acidic substance which actually causes markings on the inner legs and thighs of the cow. 

Caring for your leather product: 

Leather is a sturdy substance, which is why it’s great for making long-lasting and durable items. Leather is an investment, one that is capable of sticking with you for a large portion of your life. So you want to treat it right. 

Dust gently and regularly with a sponge or soft brush. Stains and spills will happen regardless of how much care is taken. However, be sure to wipe them up immediately with a soft damp cloth. Never rub or scrub. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Do not use any products like saddle soap or cleaning solvents. Only clean with lukewarm water and let air dry naturally. And be sure to train pets to stay away.

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