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Advantages of Buying Custom Furniture

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Has anyone ever told you you’re a snowflake? Of course, the saying has become trite, but the sentiment is valid nonetheless: everyone is different. People may have similar thoughts and tastes, but no two people are identical. Not even clones; they merely just look alike. 

Custom furniture caters to the uniqueness of the individual. No cookie cutter molds here, or one size fits all. For one thing, custom pieces can be designed and built for the space they would be filling. Make the furniture fit the room, not the other way around. Have you ever visited someone’s home and the dining room table just takes over the whole room? Or on the other hand, there are odd pockets of empty space? These are not just interior decorating errors; it’s hard to work with whatever was available in a store at the time. 

Since custom furniture is made to fit your needs, you have command over every aspect of how the finished product comes out. The stain, the accessories, any decorative moldings can be arranged any way you like. It not only suits the room it is made for, it can be tailored to your personality as well. 

Think of it as a work of art if you like. Just like a painting or a sculpture, making furniture requires an act of creation. Along with precise measuring and woodworking skill. In fact, sculpting and painting are part of the furniture-making process. Ultimately, you end up with a handcrafted functional art artifact. A piece of furniture that has a history. 

This is even more the case when custom furniture is made from reclaimed wood. It’s a process which involves re-purposing wood from older structures that have become damaged or otherwise defunct. Plus, it’s better for the environment as materials are not going to waste, a small part in a more sustainable world. Custom furniture has an imperfect character that tends to last longer. It tells a story, and like all great stories, it is a unique aspect of culture that can be handed down through time and generations.

IF you are interested in custom furniture, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.


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