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How to Pick Out Furniture When There is No Visible Price Tag

Some custom furniture dealers are not in the habit of posting prices on their websites, or even on the pieces in their showrooms. This is generally because every piece of furniture that is custom-built travels on a unique path, gathering different materials, different sets of woodworkers, and different personalities. In theory, there are no two [...]

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How To Buy High Quality Furniture

Buying high quality furniture as opposed to low quality furniture is similar to the difference between shopping at a dealership for a brand-new Cadillac and snagging your neighbor’s old junker. The two just do not compare. Buying a used car can be scary because you don’t know what you’re getting. That neighbor of yours might [...]

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How To Find a Trustworthy Custom Furniture Dealer

In some ways, buying custom furniture from a dealer is a low-risk enterprise. The fact that many areas have a local dealer with a showroom makes it so. When buying online, you can never be quite sure what you’ll end up with. How can you pick out a new living room sofa if you haven’t even [...]

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Using Reclaimed Wood for Furniture

Reclaimed wood is precisely what it sounds like it is. Once used to build a bridge or a barn, the wood is re-purposed when the structure is torn down. It is often used to make furniture. It is sort of like the “found art” of the home furnishing world. There are a number of benefits [...]

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High vs. Low Pressure Sales

When it comes to selling, we have not resorted to robots just yet. It still involves a face-to-face interaction between two human beings. Many of us probably have a stereotype that comes to mind when we think of the phrase “salesman.” He is (usually a he) a high-energy type of individual, someone very good at [...]

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Buying a Mattress

How do you know when it’s time to replace your mattress? It is recommended if your current mattress is five to seven years old, is starting to look a little lumpy, or if you are generally uncomfortable and not getting a good night’s sleep. Certain aches and pains could be attributed to an inadequate mattress as [...]

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Focus on Culver City California

During the Recession, many of us have been faced with some of the toughest economic hardships of our lives. It is obvious to everyone that this country has encountered a widespread financial crisis, similar to the Great Depression, but it’s not all negative. There are some good things happening. For instance, in the last few [...]

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How To Buy Cabinets

According to Consumer Reports, homeowners who have a more active role in the cabinet buying process, as opposed to those who made the selections based solely on recommendations from a builder or architect, are much happier with the kitchen they end up with. So, if you are in the market for a new kitchen or [...]

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